Edocio Engine

We challenge the reader to catch information before it is lost and triggar the hunter gatherer instinct through information gamification and supremacy challenge.

Edocio use.


Thinking out of the Cube.

Drawing from any educational document.

Creating Three D Gamification of education, we make reading a challange. You must catch the information before it is lost and only those who "catch their prey" survive.

You snooze you loose.

You must be fast and you must be alert or you will be a looser. To win, you must grasp the subject matter and integrate is in your environment.

You must integrate information.

It is not enough to parrot what you learned but you will need to integrate the information to achieve creative intuitive solutions.

We test your hacker instincts.

You are challenged to face impossible situations and solve what can not be deductively solved.
We grow your mind outside of the box.

Try for your self.
"It is not just a game, it is a way of life, an art and a science.
They exercise your mind."